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1. Woman fitness weight-loss international joined chain institutions created by Golden group
  Golden WFC is international joined chain institutions which are created by Golden group
  Golden group itself or through the holding company owns trademark patent etc all industrial property rights of Golden WFC
  Golden group owns Controlling stake and industrial property rights of Golden WFC
2. Golden group builds "Golden fine body stores" with join partners in various ways
  Golden Group cooperates with kinds of partners, through acquisition, cooperation, joint, franchised, internal contracting and other forms, create Golden WFC together.
  In early days of Golden WFC join institutions, Golden group take part in the creation as investors, technology holders and partners, but each join institutions are managed by franchisee themselves. Golden group as investors or landlord gets the shares or rent fee.
3. Golden group develop technology and equipment, provide technical training and technical support.
  Concentrate on develop and improve "Golden weight-loss on technology and equipment".
   Provide comprehensive technical training for joining partners 
   provide comprehensive technical support and services for joining partners
   In the early days, do not directly involved in the "Golden WFC" stores' business
   Set up professional management department, management specialist, guide all the shops' business
4. Golden group is exclusive agent of cooperation stores through the Asia Pacific area
  Sign sole agency contract in Asia Pacific region with HEFG in Hong Kong 
  Develop Golden WFC stores in China through HEFG in Hong Kong 
  Provide comprehensive support for HEFG in Hong Kong

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