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If you ever on a diet to lose weight, you will have the experience, when you go on a diet to lose weight 2-3 months later, continue to go on a diet, weight may not continued reduce. Once back to normal diet, you will soon return to original weight, this is the confusion that most dieter faces.
Why is it? The reason is that when you start to go on a diet, the body's metabolism speed slows down, technology metabolism down, the human body automatic adjusts, burning less heat, maintain the body to carry out normal activities. At this time, you consume fewer calories, human body consume less heat. So you continue to go on a diet, you will not get the expected result of reducing weight. But when you once returned to normal diet, at this time because the quantity of heat that you absorb is more than the quantity of heat that human needs, so you'll gain weight.
So in process of reducing weight, the human body basal metabolic rates play a key role, especially when you meet weight loss platform, or when you want to keep reducing weight for a long time. Measuring human body basal metabolic rates equipment in clinical medical institutions are not only large, expensive, but also detection process is time-consuming, can not adapt to the application of business reducing weight organization.
Many D&W's experts in United States research and develop for several years, finally succeed in developing small human basal metabolic rates test system. Through measuring the human body’s exact consumption of oxygen, indirectly measure human body basal metabolic rates stable REE). Measuring speed is fast, test is simple and result is accurate, is completely suitable for the application of all kinds of business organization and losing weight hospital specialized subject.
In "Golden losing weight technology", regularly measuring basal metabolic rate, before, after and in the process of reducing weight for customers, is a routine but very important program, is the important link of successful weight loss and maintaining the effect of reducing weight.
On one hand, through "basic metabolic rate test", can accurately design eating plan, which meets the needs of individual for customers. Fast weight loss and at the same time, ensure enough calories intake.
On the other hand, after the training program of applying to stimulate human body to improve metabolic rate, test the change of human body basal metabolic rates, can unambiguous feedback the effect of reducing weight, and where should be improved.
At the same time, through the dynamic record and test human basal metabolic rates, can accurately assess reducing weight effect of varieties weight loss technology and methods. Thus in process of reducing weight, better regulates personal weight loss strategy.
At present D&W in the United States exclusive develop basal metabolic rates detection technology and equipments, has become the core and key parts of "Golden losing weight technology".

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