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3 times a week for 30 minutes , two weeks loss 15 kg
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New concept fat burning

Golden WFC is exclusive investment created by D&W International LLC, based on "Golden directional burning fat sport technology", "Intelligent burning fat sport monitoring technology" and "Basic metabolic rate test technology", which are original created by Mr Golden, combined application of intelligent weight-loss expert system software and reduce weight instruments, which are researched and developed by D&W in United States. The world first-class specialized women fitness weight-loss joining chain institutions, are managed by professional training authentication Golden weight-loss advisers, is the world's first commercial type professional women fitness weight-loss international joined chain institution, which applies comprehensive test evaluation, such as nutrition, exercise, metabolism, psychology, occupation, is combined with the multidimensional lose weight technology, such as basal metabolic rates test, psychological adjustment, behavior modification, diet control, fat-burning fitness, partial model body, and aromatic leptin, etc, according to different customers individual characteristics, applies 72 personalized multidimensional reducing weight plan. The system distributes in many cities all over the world, provides world-class weight-loss services for global customers, original creat the world's first new concepts and new technology of weight-loss, includes personality multidimensional lose weight customer test evaluation, designs personalized multidimensional reducing weight plan, in view of the personality. Using "basal metabolic rates" monitoring, guide weight-loss behavior with "basal metabolic rate" ,to improve basal metabolic rates, through the three times a week, 30 minutes every time fat burning movement. According to the customer's fat distribution in body, combined with many high-end partial model body technology and equipments, provides a partial de-fatting fitness program, greatly enhances the effect in reducing weight, original creat series products of 'aromatic leptin', through starting the powerful weapon of smell, raise metabolization rate and reduce appetite, get the perfect effect in reducing weight.

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