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Golden women's bodybuilding club
3 times a week for 30 minutes , two weeks loss 15 kg
Joint resistance, weight, stretching and aerobic exercise
New concept fat burning

"Golden directional burning fat movement" is comprised by 8 kinds resistance, weight, stretch movement, There are eight times aerobic dancing in each gap. 8 kinds resistance, weight, stretch movements are arm stretch movement-- practice arm muscle, bend leg movement-- practice crus muscle, press shoulder movement-- practice shoulder muscle, bend thigh movement—practice thigh muscle, chest expansion movement -- practice chest muscle, squat stand movement—practice thigh, crus and waist muscle, abdomen and back stretch movement -- practice abdomen and back muscle, bend leg movement – practice legs and waist muscle. Every resistance movement lasts for 30 seconds, after that, customer moves to the "aerobic dancing cushion", run for 30 seconds, dancing type skip sport, then move to another machine, circulate 2 ~ 3 circles, after 30 minutes, training slow down.registered trademark.

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