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Management thought: SQHSVC
  S→Science: scientific innovation technology
  Q→Quality: high quality professional business level
  H→Honesty: honesty and trust, seeking truth from facts
  S→Service: warm, friendly service
  V→Value: cheap and fine, worth the money
  C→Cooperation: ever cooperation, lifelong partners
Management strategy: 3 S
   S simplification→the most simple operation mode, the most common management talent
  S standardization→The most standard operation procedure and the most standard operating methods
  S simplification→The most professional service level, the most professional market operation
Management foundation: faith healthy reducing weight service declaration 
  Provide customers with honest healthy reducing weight service in the most scientific method, the most advanced technology, never provide false, misleading information, never cheat customers, provide affordable, value-added high quality professional reducing weight service with reasonable price, try to let customers obtain satisfactory healthy reducing weight result with least resources.
Honest healthy reducing weight service principle
  Honestly tell the customer function of weight loss products and service, never exaggerate, false cheats consumer, would rather to lose customers, never trick customers. Honestly tell customers advantages and disadvantages of reducing weight products and service, possible problems and solutions during using or service process of weight loss products.
  Treat consumers like family, sincerely present the truth, let the customer choice and evaluate by themselves.
Personalized service principle
  As far as possible provide different types of customers reducing weight  products and service
  Select varieties weight loss products which can meet the customers’ healthy needs with best price
Quality service principle
  The world first-class weight loss service quality as standard, provide customers with the high quality reducing weight service.
  Warmly treat customers, with the most good service attitude to treat customers
  Help customers with patient

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