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At the same time have their own successful career
Golden women's bodybuilding club
3 times a week for 30 minutes , two weeks loss 15 kg
Joint resistance, weight, stretching and aerobic exercise
New concept fat burning

1. World class level weight-loss professional institutions
Apply the world first-class lose weight technology , cultivate the world first-class weight-loss consultant, equipped with the world first-class professional intelligence weight-loss expert system and partial fitness equipment, provide the world first-class whole body and partial weight-loss service.
2. The world first-class woman fitness weight-loss service
Apply global original "Golden directional burning fat exercise technology", "intelligent burning fat exercise monitoring technology" and "basic metabolic rate test technology" to provide fitness weight-loss service with good effect, enjoy global original Golden fitness weight-loss techniques, professional service of senior consultant who are trained by the United States Golden headquarters.
3. Golden in the United States provides the most professional technical support for customers
World class weight-loss experts of Golden headquarters in the United States provide comprehensive technical support for equipment trader through remote network, any technique problems that customers meet during the implementation of weight-loss program, if the local adviser has no ability to solve, you can report to Golden headquarters, senior experts will solve it.
4. The world first-class new concept weight-loss equipment
Apply the world first-class new concept directional burning fat exercise equipments and weight-loss equipments, which are imported from United States,  provide first-class satisfied service for clients, all equipments are designed and supervised to product by Golden headquarters, all equipments are the world original new concept advanced high-tech equipments.
5. Golden headquarters in the United States train senior weight-loss consultant
Golden headquarters in the United States train senior weight-loss consultant, provides the first-class professional service. All technology chief of the franchisee are trained in Golden headquarters in the United States, and obtain the certificate. Every senior consultant has ability and good quality to provide services.
6. The world first-class weight-loss intelligent expert system
The world's first apply world class weight-loss intelligent expert system, adopting professional way to provide personalized service for customers, owns the world first-class weight-loss intelligent expert system, including the essence of Golden lose weight technology, the world's first applying intelligent weight-loss experts system to provide professional weight-loss service.

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