Help yourself to the community women's health beauty
At the same time have their own successful career
Golden women's bodybuilding club
3 times a week for 30 minutes , two weeks loss 15 kg
Joint resistance, weight, stretching and aerobic exercise
New concept fat burning

"GOLDEN WFC" provides professional women fitness weight lose service for global customers.
    Products: Golden directional burning fat sport equipment, intelligent burning fat sport monitoring equipment and basal metabolic rates test equipment, Golden personalized multidimensional lose weight equipment, multidimensional lose weight toolbox, multidimensional lose weight books, multidimensional lose weight software, multidimensional reducing weight health products and lose weight foods
    Service: Personalized multidimensional lose weight service, multidimensional group lose weight service, multidimensional lose weight course, and network multidimensional reducing weight plan,
    Customers: Overweight and obesity and other women crowd hopes to reduce weight 
    Characteristics: Provide all-round, multi-level weight loss products and services, in form of joining the chain, help customers get the most ideal effect in reducing weight with most reasonable price

    Help consumers obtain the most satisfactory health reducing weight results with the most reasonable resources
    Lead the world's trend of personalized health reducing weight service, create world-class personalized health reducing weight technology platform
    Help more customers become more healthy and happy
    Develop the international leading innovation technology, provide the world first-class healthy weight loss products and services, help more consumers obtain the more satisfactory health reducing weight results with the most reasonable price
   Develop the international leading personalized healthy reducing weight technology, products and service, satisfy different types of customers' expect to lose weight.
   Provide the world first-class healthy weight loss products and services, create personal career development and  good environment of internal business for staff, helping customers achieve best interests, at the same time, get  satisfactory returns for employees and company.
   Help public become healthier
   Provide more widespread and convenient way to let public enjoy the delight of healthy weight loss
   Provide public personalized health reducing weight services and products which are available to oneself, get better result in reducing weight with more excellent price
    To become a world class personalized healthy weight loss service institutions, provide customers with the most valuable healthy reducing weight solution,  provide superior professional career for the employees, provide decent return for the shareholder.
    Innovatively solve personal health reducing weight problems troubled public 
    Provide various options of healthy reducing weight tools for the public, help more customers satisfy personal healthy reducing weight requirements
    Help the general public fully realize their potential, use his power to gain long-term healthy lose weight in the greatest degree.
    Provide integration platform of comprehensive solve personal healthy reducing weight problems for the public, get the most good and long-term healthy reducing weight result in the most favorable price.

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