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Golden women's bodybuilding club
3 times a week for 30 minutes , two weeks loss 15 kg
Joint resistance, weight, stretching and aerobic exercise
New concept fat burning

Golden WFC is a well known and trusted brand, successful fill the blank healthy reducing weight service field with low price, high quality and good effect. Golden WFC is famous for its original "Golden directional burning fat exercise technology", "intelligent burning fat exercise monitoring technology" and "basic metabolic rate test technology. Its original creation, the directional burning fat reducing weight exercise plan, metabolic weight loss technology, aromatic leptin and partial de-fatting model body technology, create good and long-term weight-loss effect, is widely known by global customers, is welcome and acclaimed by various customers in many cities of different countries by the weight loss customers. In addition, there are the following factors making Golden WFC to be successful:
  Golden WFC is an important member of the world health reducing weight industry, it is the world's fastest growing industry, industry value is $500 billion in total, industry growth rate is higher than 40%.
  Golden WFC is the first international women fitness weight-loss professional institution, which comprehensive applies metabolization rate test, psychological adjustment, behavior modification, diet control, burning fat exercise, aromatic leptin, local de-fatting reducing weight etc multidimensional cutting-edge technology.
  Golden WFC creates a international new franchise business model, through cooperating with equipment manufacturers and leasing companies, provide a full set equipment investment or lease for franchisee, let the persons who are lack of capital but are able to operate, get the opportunity to participate in.
  Golden WFC relies on the powerful research and development ability of Golden group in the United States, continue to offer the latest technology and equipments. Extensive distribution network of supply and marketing promote D&W to set up more stores in more region of global.

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