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3 times a week for 30 minutes , two weeks loss 15 kg
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Intelligent burning fat sport monitoring system is the specialized software which Golden use to cooperate with intelligent burning fat fitness system, is the world's most advanced intelligent personal fitness training system. Not only including precision designed science burning fat fitness training plan, set training target which is suitable for their physiological characteristics and the individual needs for different customers. Real-time feedback the trainers' physiological parameters and progress in the training, regularly summarize the training results, print phased training summary report.
Through the real-time monitoring the heart rate and sports strength, combined with IC card application, intelligent burning fat sport monitoring system can real-time feedback trainers’ heart rate, exercise intensity, cycle and time, can monitor all the training details of the trainers on each device each time, so as to ensure that the trainer scientific play individual sports training's biggest potential, inspire the biggest training inner self motivation of trainers, get better sports results.

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