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Golden women's bodybuilding club
3 times a week for 30 minutes , two weeks loss 15 kg
Joint resistance, weight, stretching and aerobic exercise
New concept fat burning

Golden WFC contains women who struggle hard, but can not stay in shape through exercise. This fitness club is based on two strategies group in fitness industry -the traditional fitness club and family fitness plan- key advantage, eliminate or reduce the other elements at the same time.
The fitness industry, in the upscale market, full of traditional health club, open to men and women, provide a full set of fitness and sports equipments, often in senior city area. The fashionable equipments are to attract upscale club customers. They includes a full set of increasing oxygen and strength training equipment, fruit juice bar, a coach, changing rooms with shower and sauna, its purpose is to let the customer here can both exercise and social. Customers come to the health club through the city, spend at least one hour, usually two hours or even longer. The membership fee is $100 one month in general, this is not cheap, it makes the upscale market stricture. Customers of traditional fitness club account for only 12% of the population, almost concentrated in big cities. To invest a traditional health club equiped with a full set of services, cost from $50 to 100 thousand, depends on the specific position club in the city.
The other end of the market is family fitness program, including fitness video, books, magazines. The cost is low, is suitable for family using, little or no need fitness equipments. Guide is little, limited to star guidance in fitness video or the interpretation and illustrations in the books.
The question is what is the reason of women choosing between traditional health club and family fitness programs? Most of the women who choose the health club, what they want are not various kinds of luxury and unnecessary special equipments, juice, dressing rooms with  sauna, swimming pool and the opportunity to meet men. Generally speaking, the ordinary women who are not athletes, don't even want to run across men in exercise, they are afraid to expose their dewlap under the tights. Line up behind the equipment, have to change weight, adjust the Angle, make their exercising desire wane. The time for ordinary women, has become more and more scarce. Several times per week, every time spending an hour or two in fitness club, very few somebody can bear. For the general women, the downtown location also causes traffic difficulties, this adds to the pressure, and even stops them to go to the gym.
In fact, most women choose high-end fitness club are mainly for one reason: when they are at home, it is too easy to find excuses to be lazy. If you are not a person who are zealous love sports, it's very difficult to strict with themselves at home. Compare with exercising alone fitness club is more power and more encouraging. On the other hand, some women choose family fitness plan, mainly is to save time, reduce cost, and keep personal privacy.
The fitness club absorbs the two strategies group’s unique advantages, create the blueprint, eliminate and reduce the other elements (figure 1). It eliminated the elements those traditional health clubs include but women are not interested, too much special equipments, foods, mineral spring nursing, swimming pool, even dressing rooms are separated by several curtains.
The experience of this fitness club is completely different from the typical fitness club. Members enter into the gymnasium, fitness machines (usually 10 machines) are not put in a circle, not as in the health club, fitness machines are put in rows, opposite the TV in front. This is convenient for communication between members, make fitness experience more interesting. QuickFit model body systems use the force of ?exercise equipment, without user adjustment, safe and easy to use, not formidable. These devices are specially designed for women, reduce the impact strength, also can train muscle strength. Members can talk and encourage each other, such a social, is completely different with the general health club. There are only a few mirrors on the wall, no man will stare at you. Members move in the circle of air cushion and the equipments, can finish full fitness movement within half an hour. Cut other elements, focus on to provide basic services, the price reduces to about $30 a month, which opened the women market.
Strategic topic sentence of the fitness club is: spent prices equal to a cup of coffee, through the appropriate exercise to get precious health.

As shown in figure 1, the fitness club provides a unique value at lower price. Because removing many elements, the funds that start a fitness club takes only 25000 to 30000 dollars (Not including $20000 of franchise fees), but the investment funds of traditional fitness club is 0.5 to $1 million. Variable costs is also significantly reduced,  this is because the funds of staff and equipment maintenance are also significantly reduced, even the rent reduce because the area of land get smaller.
The fitness club just needs 1500 square feet of suburbs of land, rather than 35 to 100 thousand square feet area in downtown.
The low cost of business model of fitness club makes the franchise can be accepted by businesses financial resources, which is why the fitness club franchise prosperously develops.
Many franchise opens a few months, absorb members as many as 100 on average, it begins to earnings. Therefore, the existing the fitness club franchise is sold as high as 100000 to 150000 dollars in the secondary market.
The result is, the fitness club stores are in many cities, take root and grow everywhere. The fitness club is not directly competes with other health and fitness ideas, but creates a new type ?needs.

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