Help yourself to the community women's health beauty
At the same time have their own successful career
Golden women's bodybuilding club
3 times a week for 30 minutes , two weeks loss 15 kg
Joint resistance, weight, stretching and aerobic exercise
New concept fat burning

High quality service of Golden WFC, let the customer perfect experience the fun of women fitness movement, overcome the psychological barrier that the ordinary women participate in fitness training, meet the customer's psychological needs, the following item can explain this:
Psychological barrier 1:
Lack of the knowledge of fitness equipments, do not know how to use the fitness equipments, don't know where to start from, how to begin to exercise.
"Golden directional burning fat equipments" is easy to use, everyone share the same training methods, equipments need not do any adjustment, equipments have automatic adjustment function.
Psychological barrier 2:
Don't like to expose physical defects at the presence of many men, is not willing to surrounded by a large group of men who have strong muscles, the surrounding are filled with men who make noise in the training through weightlifting or sth.
Women's professional club, you are surrounded by persons who are in the same state.
Psychological barrier 3:
Don't want to expose overweight size.
No mirror, only with the curtain between dressing Room
Psychological barrier 4:
Exercise is hard work, lack of fun, no self motivation.
Create a relaxed, suitable and comfortable environment, play lively music, amiable coach helps you improve your self motivation, offers small prizes for trainers, hold contest and fun activities among members, increase the fun of movement.
Psychological barrier 5:
No one has ever reward me for the progress that already made, always measure a standard that I would never reach.
Print training phase report weekly, only compare with your starting point, never put forward to the standard that you can never reach.
Psychological barrier 6:
The price of gym is too expensive, too far away from home, there is no time for fitness training.
Small gym opens near home, lower prices, only half an hour each time, only three times a week, do not need to make an appointment, you can sport at any time.
Psychological barrier 7:
There are no feedbacks of physiological parameters during training, don't know the help during reducing weight training.
Using intelligent burning fat training monitoring device, know their training progress at any time, clearly know the result of the training and the help of reducing weight.

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